About Us 

The office base for JR & EH Nott is in Gestingthorpe, which is central to our current farming activities. We have yards in Gestingthorpe and in Ovington, near Clare. 
We are privileged to have four very dedicated and competent full-time workers who have specific responsibilities within the business structure. 
Combineable crops predominate, including Wheat, Barley (Malting and Feed), Oats, Oilseed Rape, Beans and Linseed, together with approximately 40 hectares of Sugar Beet grown each year. 
James Nott . JR & EH Nott . Laura House . Gestingthorpe . Halstead . Essex . CO9 3AX . PRIVACY POLICY 
Tel: 01787 463464 . Mobile: 07767 418862 . Email: james@nottfarming.co.uk 
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